Dental Workflow

XM200G Workflow for Dental Applications

3D Printing Metal- Dental lab workflow


3D Printing Metal- Dental lab workflow

Plate Removal

  • Build plate with finished print can be easily removed from the machine by unscrewing each corner.
  • Completed print is fully dense (99.5% +) when removed from machine.
3D Printing Metal- Dental lab workflow

Heat Treating

  • Parts are heat treated to minimize residual stresses and reduce risk of dimensional changes upon part removal.
  • *Xact Metal does not manufacture or sell commercial furnaces, but is able to provide recommendations upon request.
3D Printing Metal- Dental lab workflow

Parts Removal

  • Parts can be removed from plate using a bandsaw. Supports make part removal simple while reducing potential part damage.
  • Smaller components may be removed by hand.
3D Printing Metal- Dental lab workflow

Hand Finishing

  • Manually remove small or internal supports with pliers and common hand tools.
  • Automatically generated E-Stage supports are designed for quick and easy removal.
3D Printing Metal- Dental lab workflow


  • Industry standard polishing processes can be used to finish the part.
  • Processes may include light abrasive finishing, media blasting, or electro-polishing.

The capabilities of the XM200G  make it well-suited for dental applications, which typically require a fast printing speed, quick job turnover, a high-quality surface finish, and the ability to print very fine components. Designed for easy integration into a facility, the XM200G fits through a standard doorway and requires minimal operation training.

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