Small series production of metal parts for end use

KSK Precise Motion, an engineering company from Kurim, has been producing ball screws and other precision components, which it has been supplying globally for 50 years. 120 employees are engaged in the production of ball screws, which are used in a wide range of industrial areas, such as machine tools and injection molding machines, as well as in automation and energy. KSK Precise Motion is therefore a globally sought-after partner for machine and equipment manufacturers. This company approached us with a request for 3D printing of end parts for a specific application of a nut for a ball screw.

Small series printed by KSK on the XM200C by Xact Metal, the affordable metal 3d printer manufacturer.
The company KSK Precise Motion wanted to optimize its production speed. As we searched for a solution, we began by designing the geometries needed for 3D printing from metals using the Selective Laser Melting technology, commonly known as SLM . A suitable device was the XM200C 3D printer from our American partner, Xact Metal, which we have in our portfolio. Deciding on this solution was quite unambiguous, mainly because the transducer prints must have high accuracy of the path geometry. A secondary, but no less important requirement was that the quality of all parts must be repeatable.

When choosing a suitable technology, it was important for us that the XM200C 3D printer, on which we implemented the services, has a large construction volume. Therefore, we can print a large number of copies at once and deliver the order in a short time.

Small Series Production for Affordable Metal 3D printing by Xact Metal

3D printing as a suitable alternative to casting

3D metal printing allows you to print complicated or articulated shapes that are very difficult (or not at all) to machine. Printed converters are thus a suitable alternative for KSK Precise Motion to cast converters for non-standard or low-volume orders.

After a thorough inspection according to the drawing documentation and without any further modifications, the printed ball screw converters are immediately handed over for assembly, where the ball screws are assembled.

3D metal printing allows you to process a wide range of materials. Together, we decided to print on 316L stainless steel, because it is a construction material with resistance to corrosion and mechanical stress.

Cost and time savings over the preparation of own production

Thanks to 3D metal printing, KSK Precise Motion has expanded its portfolio of used ball converters. Another and very important advantage is the cost savings compared to the solution used so far – machining.