Xact Metal launches XM200G metal 3D printer & drops price of XM200C machine

The company, which is aiming to make metal powder bed fusion technology more accessible to small and medium-sized companies, made the announcements at Formnext.

Xact’s XM200G system is equipped with a build volume of 150 x 150 x 150 mm and gives users the option of a single or dual laser configuration, with 100, 200 and 400W fiber laser available. It is based on much of the same architecture as the XM200C, but importantly uses a high-performance galvanometer system to enable faster printing times and support a multi laser configuration.

When a multi laser configuration is deployed, the XM200G can offer a 100% overlapping area at 100μm spot size or a 66% overlapping area at 50μm spot size. Xact Metal says the machine is suitable for customers starting their entry into metal 3D printing for product development and tooling, as well as those in research and education.

“With pricing beginning at a US MSRP of $90,000, the XM200G family is ideal for printing parts where high-performance applications and print speed are critical,” commented Xact Metal CEO Juan Mario Gomez. “The introduction of the XM200G is another example of how Xact Metal continues to combine the requirements of metal powder bed fusion and breakthrough technology to establish a new level of price and performance for additive manufacturing.”

In line with the introduction of the XM200G, the XM200C has dropped from its previous $90k price point to $65k.

“We are very excited to offer a starting MSRP of $65,000 for our XM200C metal 3D printer to allow more customers to benefit from metal laser powder bed fusion technology,” added Gomez.

In the run-up to Formnext, TCT spoke to Gomez about the company’s latest metal 3D printing launch. 

TCT: What are some of the key capabilities of the XM200G family of metal LPBF printers and how does it differ to the 3D printing systems you already have available?

Gomez: The XM200G is based on the proven, easy-to use and cost-effective design of Xact Metal’s XM200C metal 3D printer. The XM200G introduces a high-performance galvanometer system to move the laser beam over the powder bed (which differs from the Xact Core X-Y belt system that is used on the XM200C). This new architecture allows for faster printing times and the ability to support multiple lasers. The XM200G offers the option of using two lasers at one time with either a 100% overlapping work area using a 100μm spot size or 66% overlapping work area using a 50μm spot size. This multi-laser system further increases build print speeds.In addition, the XM200G is highly configurable to match different applications.  It offers:

  • 100, 200 or 400W fiber laser option
  • Upgrade to a water-cooled galvanometer for higher stability
  • Large build volume (150 x 150 x 150 mm)
  • Glovebox option to ease powder handling
  • Integrated powder-handling system
  • Option for additional sensors for build monitoring

Priced at an entry configuration of less than $100,000 USD, the XM200G aims to make high-speed metal 3D printing available for more customers. 

TCT: Which industries and applications are you targeting with the XM200G series?

Gomez: The XM200G tailors to customers who are starting their entry into metal 3D printing in various applications, including product development, tooling manufacturing, metal powder-bed research and workforce development. It aims to further expand the use of metal 3D printing in aerospace, automotive, general manufacturing, medical and other industries.

What materials will users of the XM200G be immediately able to print with?


  • 316L Stainless Steel
  • 17-4 PH Stainless Steel
  • 15-5 Stainless Steel
  • Maraging M300 Tool Steel
  • Cobalt Chrome F75
  • Inco 625
  • Inco 718
  • Titanium Ti64
  • Aluminum AlSi10Mg
  • Bronze
  • Copper (C18150)

TCT: Is there anything else we need to know? 

Gomez: The XM200G family is a highly configurable single-or-dual laser system family that brings industrial speed and performance at an affordable price, allowing customers to now be able to afford and realize the value of metal laser powder-bed fusion technology.

The system is available to be ordered immediately.  Shipments will commence April 2022