Suzuki DR650

The Project

Motorcyclists have many things in common; an appreciation for fresh air, an aptitude for the freedom of an open road, and an understanding that it is about the journey, not the destination. As much as they may have in common, all motorcyclists have different preferences in the way they ride.

For Tomme, the proud owner of a Suzuki DR650, he preferred for the foot pegs to be slightly lower than comes standard on this model bike. This difference caused an uncomfortable driving position for him. His solution was to adjust the foot peg brackets by lowering them about 35mm. He considered using the lowering kits that are commercially available but Tomme’s workplace, the Protech office in Sweden, is home to a metal 3D printer from Xact Metal. Being a maker at heart and having personal experience with this printer, Tomme thought it would be a fun project to print a new bracket set at his desired height. He got to designing and soon printed the exact bracket he needed. Tomme now enjoys more comfortable rides on his bike thanks to this adjusted riding position and the use of metal 3D printing.