The XM300C Printer

Larger build area. Less build time.

The XM300C offers a large build volume (10 x 13 x 13 in; 254 x 330 x 330 mm) and two or four high-precision independent multi-lasers, meaning your components will be printed up to four times faster. The system uses the patent-pending Xact Core™ technology and is equipped with two feed chambers, which lowers build time and increases productivity. With advanced software capabilities, this machine is designed for industrial-grade applications.

Metal powder-bed fusion provides high-quality and complex parts. It reduces total cycle time by about 50% and removes the need for wash/debinder and sintering/oven equipment used in bound metal deposition, atomic deposition additive manufacturing or other FDM-like metal 3D printers.

Available Fourth Quarter 2022.

XM300C Data

Large Build Volume

1,690 in³ (10 x 13 x 13 in)
27,661 cc (254 x 330 x 330 mm)

Exterior Dimensions

Approx. 44 x 28 x 55 in³ – W x D x H
(1,118 x 712 x 1,398 mm³)

Laser Type*

2 or 4 independent 100W Yb fiber lasers

*Class 1 Laser Product


  • Orthogonal high-speed scanner

Precision Optics

Spot size greater than 20 microns

Powder Options**

To learn more about Xact Metal powder options, please visit our materials page.

Open Architecture

Allows qualified users the ability to develop their own printing parameters or to use their own powder.

Modern software architecture

Streamlined, intuitive and functional platform that supports visual workflows.

Cloud connectivity of one or more printers is also available, allowing monitoring of the printing process from anywhere.

User Interface

15.6″ intuitive user-friendly touch screen

Leading Technology

Xact Core™

Making quality metal printing accessible requires innovation. Xact Metal’s printing technology is built on the patent-pending Xact Core, a high-speed gantry system platform that allows light, simple mirrors to move quickly and consistently above the powder bed on an X-Y axis.

  • Avoids the use of complex rotating galvanometer mirrors and F-theta lenses
  • Maintains a constant laser angle across the whole build plate
  • A simplified gas flow over the powder bed due to the smaller build chamber
Patent-Pending Recoater

Recoater performance can directly affect the quality of your build. Our patented recoater design offers a variety of benefits.

  • Unique “bulb” shape of the recoating element spreads powder like a blade, yet provides compaction similar to a rolling element
  • Compliant design allows the recoater to negotiate out-of-plane growth and continue printing
  • Mounting the recoater to the machine lid allows the entire recoating mechanism to be removed from the build chamber
  • Easy access to the build chamber allows for simple recoater replacement and adjustments

Intuitive Touchscreen
User Interface

The modern, interactive graphic user interface (GUI) for the Xact Metal printers makes loading files, setting up builds and monitoring the build process quick and easy.

  • Home screen displays real-time build monitoring with two cameras
  • Chamber setup screen allows customer to optimize print parameters
  • Build queue screen provides a description of all builds to be printed
  • Monitoring screen shows behavior of important parameters such as bed temperature, chamber temperature and pressure and oxygen percentage

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