Xact Metal software is designed to run very efficiently alongside other additive manufacturing software systems commonly used in the industry including Materialise Magics and Oqton’s 3DXpert.

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Xact Metal
Software Features

Adaptive Charge

Adaptive charge is a software feature that automatically adjusts the powder deposition rate based on the size and position of the parts being printed. By programming the machine to understand each aspect of the build, we can estimate material required and adjust powder dispersion accordingly. This allows for a fixed level of user knowledge required for machine operation, more efficient powder usage, and time savings for the operator.


Home screen displays real-time build monitoring with two cameras
Chamber setup screen allows customer to optimize print parameters
Build queue screen provides a description of all builds to be printed
Monitoring screen shows behavior of important parameters such as bed temperature, chamber temperature and pressure and oxygen percentage

Smart Layer: AI Enabled Build Monitoring

Smart Layer is an intelligent monitoring solution designed for metal additive manufacturing. Smart Layer conducts a layer-by-layer analysis using computer vision algorithms and convolutional neural networks, then provides anomaly detection in real-time. Issue detection includes:
• Part swelling
• Spatter detection
• Streak detection
• Hop detection
• Anomaly in real-time

Open Material Parameters

With the purchase of the open parameters package, the chamber control tab allows the operator to live-adjust fundamental aspects of the print including bed temperature, melting power, scan speed and recoat speed.

Local Build Access

Access previously uploaded builds and download past build history through the “Builds” tab on touch interface. An available build file can be set as the active print with the “Load” option, without repeating the upload process. New build files may be added from an inserted USB storage drive or through an ethernet port.

The Xm200G is a metal 3d printer by Xact Metal that was designed based on the the prior model, the XM200C

The GUI (graphic user interface) for Xact Metal printers makes loading files, setting up builds and monitoring the build process quick and easy.

Trusted Software Partners

Take your part from CAD model to printing with industry-leading software options, providing users with complete workflow integration.

Materialise: 3D printing software provider logo.
Oqton 3D Software provider partners with Xact Metal: Manufacturer of affordable metal 3d printers

Materialise Software Solutions

Materialise Magics Print Suite

Materialise Magics Print Suite simplifies data and build preparation with one easy-to-use solution. Including:
• Both CAD and mesh tools,
• Automatic support generation,
• Build preparation,
• Tool path generation.

The Dental Module

Once dental CAD designs are uploaded to the platform, the software automates all the required printing preparation steps in a matter of minutes including:
• Labeling
• Nesting
• Generating Support

Materialise Auto-Scaffold for Xact Metal

A software solution that automates the support generation process, significantly reducing build preparation, print and post-processing times, and accelerating training times needed for the technicians and engineers to proficiently print metal parts.

Materialise software tools work to manage additive manufacturing processes with efficiency and intelligence. With 30 years of additive manufacturing experience, Materialise brings together the largest group of software developers in the industry to focus on software solutions for 3D printing services.

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Oqton Software Solutions


All-in-one additive manufacturing software that streamlines the workflow by preparing, optimizing, and 3D printing high-quality parts in record time. 3DXpert enables fast file preparation because of its superior DfAM and build prep functions which are built on an industrial CAD engine.


Powered by advanced AI technology, Oqcam’s dental lab software automates digital production workflows for all dental applications.

Oqton software optimizes machine utilization by unifying engineering and production. Powered by AI technology, the neutral cloud-based Manufacturing OS provides complete traceability and visibility across an organization. In combination with Oqton’s specialized applications such as 3DXpert for design, 3D printing, and simulation, manufacturers can connect technologies and machines across multiple sites.

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