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At Xact Metal™, we’re dedicated to the next generation of innovative solutions powered by metal 3D printing.
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With a desire to enable manufacturers to experience the benefits of high-quality 3D metal printing at the best price possible, Xact Metal aims to change the perception that additive manufacturing is only for capital-rich companies.

We’re proud of our extensive network of sales partners that support our customers locally, from the initial application discussions to post-installation services.  



The XM200G printer series meets demands of high-performance use cases where print speed, part quality, and affordable price is essential.


The XM200C is the most affordable, high-quality metal powder-bed fusion available by Xact Metal. Designed for those who need prototyping, tooling capabilities, or low volume casting alternatives.


The XM300G, currently in development,  offers an expanded print area for larger, industrial metal powder-bed fusion applications that need prototyping, tooling capabilities, or low volume casting alternatives.

Affordable metal 3d printers by Xact Metal

Xact Metal partners with leading material producers to offer high quality, certified and proven materials, including stainless and tool steels, super alloys, copper, titanium and aluminum.

Xact Metal partners with leaders in the industry to provide software solutions that are intuitive and modern, allowing for simple machine setup, control and monitoring.

Together with our sales partners, our services include local customer support, preventive maintenance, spare parts and powder, and more.

Breaking the Mold

The Xact Solution to Better Tooling

The way we see it, additive manufacturing is another tool in your toolbox with a range of capabilities and the potential to improve your current way of doing things.

A blow mold that can be used as a die casting tool, printed in a tool steel made by Uddeholm.

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