3D Printed Golf Putter Designed with AI-Powered Software

Check out the project our customers at Vixiv have been working on on the XM200G!

Using their proprietary AI-powered software the team at Vixiv has engineered a golf putter to be most forgiving for the novice golfer. Through various design elements, the putter’s face can be algorithmically manipulated to fit an individual’s swing as well as naturally reducing mis-hits. 

1966 Chevy Impala

A Fire-Wreck to Award Winner

Check out the project that our friend at Protech completed to upgrade his 1966 Chevy Impala with custom tailpipes. 

Alternative to Casting

An Industrial Case Study for Metal 3D Printing

KSK Precise Motion, an engineering company from Kurim, Czechia, has been producing and distributing ball screws, among other precision components, around the world for 50 years.  When they approached Xact Metal with a request for 3D printed end parts for a specific nut for a ball screw, we knew it was an exciting opportunity for us to collaborate with a respected industry leader.