Metal Powder-Bed Fusion—also known as Selective Laser Melting or Direct Metal Laser Sintering—is an Additive Manufacturing process using a laser to melt consecutive layers of a metal powder-bed. The powder fuses into the finished dimensional part incorporating complex internal and external geometries.

Affordable solutions for dental labs that want to being metal 3d printing.
Prototype applications by Xact Metal, and affordable metal 3d printer manufacturer.
Small Batch Production Applications for Metal 3D printing by Xact Metal
Tooling Applications for Metal Additive Manufacturing machines by Xact metal
Educational metal 3d printing machines by Xact Metal

Customer Success Stories

Southern Denmark University: Xact Metal Customer Use Case

University collaboration leads to local industry partner to integrate metal 3D printing into the production line for the first time in the business history.

Additive manufacturing for automotive restoration.

The resurrection of a fire-damaged classic car and the journey to a customized award-winner, thanks to metal 3D printing technology.  

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