Metal 3D Dental Applications

Xact Metal’s XM200G 3D printers provide a high-performing and affordable solution to dental labs around the world.

Utilizing single- or dual-laser options, the printer’s large 150 mm x 150 mm build area; 100, 200 or 400W fiber laser options; fast and precise galvanometer mirrors; high-quality F-Theta lens optics; and dental-specific parameters at 50 µm laser spot size and 20 µm build layers, or 100 µm laser spot size and 30 µm build layers, the XM200G family is ideally suited for metal dental applications, including:

  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Removable partial dentures
  • Bands
  • Guides
metal 3d printed parts by Xact Metal. 3D parts printed in BEGO dental certified powder.

Full Software Workflow Integration

The Materialise Pre-Print Dental Module provides a dental-specific workflow that allows for classification, error repair, print positioning, part labeling, optimized support structures, and part nesting to achieve top print speed and quality. Crowns, bridges, partial dentures, and other dental parts can easily and quickly be prepared for printing.

Fully integrated into Materialise Magics Print for Xact Metal, the workflow provides an intuitive software that facilitates the 3D printing process. The integrated solution includes build preparation tools, the support generation module, and the build processor. Together, these components allow the customer to repair and edit files, prepare the build platform, and generate slices easily and quickly.

Software Workflow for Dental 3D Printing Applications by Xact Metal

Machine Workflow 


Metal additive manufacturing for dental applications by Xact Metal.

Machine Workflow 


Certified Dental Powder

Xact Metal offers certified dental powder from BEGO Medical, including:

Mediloy ®  S-Co

A type 5 cobalt-based dental alloy for printing dental restorations such as crowns and bridges (including metal ceramic), partial denture frameworks, implant prostheses and other orthodontic applications.|  Learn More


For 3D printing for removable partial dentures. The non-porous microstructure of the component guarantees ideal fatigue strength of the clasps with above-average fit of the partial denture frameworks. | Learn More

Metal 3D Printed crowns placed in removable partial denture by BEGO

Image courtesy of Bego Medical

Benefits of 3D Technology in Dental


The fit of a dental component comes down to the preference of the dentist and their patient. Achieving this subjective “sweet spot” can take multiple rounds of trial and error. Using the dental module by Materialise we can easily produce multiple variants of the component in a single print, saving the patient trips to the office and time for the dentist.

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