Breaking the Mold

The Xact Solution to Better Tooling

The way we see it, additive manufacturing is another tool in your toolbox with a range of capabilities and the potential to improve your current way of doing things. Our mission is simply to help molders and mold makers use this technology to:

  • Operate faster
  • Cheaper
  • More efficiently
A blow mold that can be used as a die casting tool, printed in a tool steel made by Uddeholm.


Breaking the Mold | Webinar

Wednesday March 20, 2024 1:00 PM- 2:00PM EST

Join Xact Metal and sales partner, Cimquest, as we elaborate on the benefits of Xact Metal’s 3D printers and how they can provide an innovative tooling workflow. We will discuss what qualifies as tooling and the various applications where metal 3D printing can be beneficial , Xact Metal’s capabilities in surface finish, tolerance, materials, return on investment (ROI), and thinking differently.

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Tools & Brews | Meadville, PA

April 17, 2024 | Meadville, PA

Join us at Voodoo Brewing in Meadville, PA, for a free afternoon of connecting with like-minded professionals, exploring the intersection of metal 3D and tooling, delicious snacks, and good company.

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NPE | Orlando, FL

Orlando, FL | May 6-10, 2024
Xact Metal will be exhibiting at NPE in booth S25196 in the Advanced Manufacturing Zone.
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Strategic Material Partnership

The partnership between Xact Metal and Uddeholm, enabling Xact Metal to offer Corrax metal powder, represents a significant advancement in the mold and tooling industry. Corrax’s unique properties, including better corrosion resistance and the ability to achieve an A1 surface finish after benching, will revolutionize the possibilities for mold making.

Uddeholm Tool Steel is added to Xact Metal's AM powder portfolio.

By leveraging this cutting-edge material in conjunction with Xact Metal’s accessible metal 3D printing technology, manufacturers can now produce molds with intricate designs and close-to-cavity channels for faster cooling times. This partnership not only enhances the quality and durability of molds but also streamlines the production process, ultimately driving efficiency and innovation in the mold and tooling sector.

At Xact Metal, we are immensely proud of our partnership with Uddeholm, which grants us the exclusive ability to offer their revolutionary Corrax metal powder. Uddeholm’s rich history and expertise in the steel industry bring a legacy of excellence and innovation to our collaboration. This partnership not only signifies a significant milestone in additive manufacturing but also a new era of possibilities for the mold and tooling industry, where complexity meets efficiency, and tradition meets innovation.

Unlock Design Freedom

Xact Metal empowers molders and mold makers with the freedom to produce internal structures and close-to-cavity channels for faster cooling times for mold making, without concern of rusting or compromising the required A1 surface finish and tool steel properties through its partnership with Uddeholm’s Corrax material.

Scrap Rate Reduction

Printing inserts with conformal cooling can reduce warpage and hot spots within molds, ensuring higher quality parts and minimizing rejects.

On Site Production

The ability to run an entire production workflow in a compact space in a timely manner. No more waiting for steel to arrive to start building your mold. Print parts in hours, not weeks and increase throughput.

Reduce Cycle Time

Putting contoured water lines closer to hot spots or challenging geometry, you can reduce your mold cycle time by designing proper cooling where you need it.

Prototyping for Production

Design and build the prototype that actually replicates production intent for geometry and material. This prototype can start in production or can be used as a bridge tool.

Internal Structures

Light-weighting of a mold insert or printing hollow inserts reduces weight of the mold, therefore impacting energy consumption and reducing carbon footprint, each time you open and close your press. Also by using less powder to print each mold insert, your cost and print time are decreased. Considering the total number of running presses over the course of a year, savings can add up considerably.

Specific Questions?

Over a 33-year career, Scott Kraemer has excelled in the development of complex injection multi-shot molds, tooling, and products across industries, including medical, automotive, and consumer goods. Over the past 13 years, Scott has been a trailblazer in the incorporation of additive manufacturing (3D printing) for both plastic and metal into mainstream production parts and tooling.

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