GPAINNOVA Partners with Xact Metal to Provide Comprehensive Metal 3D Printing Solutions

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GPAINNOVA Partners with Xact Metal to Provide Comprehensive Metal 3D Printing Solutions

Barcelona, February 12th, 2024

GPAINNOVA America, a subsidiary of GPAINNOVA, one of the leading business groups specializing in metal surface finishing, has just entered into a strategic partnership with Xact Metal, a pioneer in affordable metal 3D printing solutions. The collaboration aims to offer a complete solution encompassing design, printing, and finishing processes, leveraging innovative technologies developed by both companies.

This partnership marks a pivotal moment for the additive manufacturing (AM) industry, as it brings together the expertise of GPAINNOVA, renowned for its DLyte and MURUA brands in metal surface finishing, and Xact Metal, known for its commitment to making metal 3D printing accessible through cost-effective solutions.

The agreement involves the utilization of GPAINNOVA’s patented dry electropolishing technology, known as the DryLyte Technology, as a post-processing solution for Xact Metal’s cutting-edge metal 3D printers. This collaboration aims to streamline the metal 3D printing process, making it more accessible to organizations of all sizes.

Key Aspects of the Partnership

The collaboration between GPAINNOVA America and Xact Metal will provide a complete solution from design to the finished product, incorporating automation in manufacturing and finishing processes. This comprehensive approach aims to ease the introduction and integration of metal 3D printing for organizations.

The relationship between the aforementioned organizations focuses on the digitization of manual labor in dental laboratories, leading to significant time and cost savings. The process is designed to be less hazardous, offering a safer and more efficient alternative. Incorporating DryLyte finishing technology with the metal 3D printing process is expected to bring substantial advantages, including a 60-80 percent reduction in polishing time compared to non-automated methods, faster printing compared to traditional casting, and a notable reduction in manual labor.

“We are eager to expand our knowledge of how the manufacturing industry integrates the Xact Metal technology into its daily fabrication environment”, says Jesús Contreras, Business Developer at GPAINNOVA America. “Xact Metal has developed a unique market strategy that creates synergies similar to GPA INNOVA’s; combining our expertise, we can shape the proper perspective for the AM adopters and have a final product to fulfill their needs”, he highlights.

“We are very excited to begin this partnership with GPAINNOVA to offer a full solution from design to finished part using their patented wet and dry electro-polishing” says Xact Metal CEO, Juan Mario Gomez, “It allows the customer to automate the finishing process, reducing the need for manual labor and saving them time.”

About Xact Metal

Xact Metal™ is taking the essential specs for metal 3D Printing and combining them with breakthrough technology to establish a new level of price and performance in additive manufacturing. With a desire to enable more and more designers, developers and manufacturers to experience the benefits of high-quality metal 3D printing at the best price possible, Xact Metal aims to change the perception that additive manufacturing is only for capital-rich companies. The company is privately funded and is located in State College, Pennsylvania. For more information visit:


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